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It's been a robust month of activity here at ASSITEJ Canada. At the end of our three roundtable discussions at the Big Bang Festival in partnership with the NAC and the Canada Council for the Arts, our President Stephen Colella announced that with the support of Canadian Heritage we're developing a larger conference-style conversation this May delving into equity, diversity, and inclusion in our sector. Stay tuned for more details and dates.

If you aren't already a member of ASSITEJ Canada, I urge you to consider joining in order to access the conference and our upcoming March 19 Coffee Session, where colleagues from coast to coast will once again connect. We are building community, and want you to be part of it. Click here to become a member (I myself am one of only a hand full of individual members, and I'm excited to have new artists join me!).

-Dave Deveau, Communications Chair, ASSITEJ Canada

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