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A new year in a similar, but hopeful world

Here we are, a month into the new year with vaccines rolling out, and with it small but mighty glimmers of hope. We're hoping you've found (new) ways to celebrate over the month, and rest and refuel your creative selves. We're excited to spend this year connecting with you and exchanging our successes and hopes for the future.

Thanks to all those who have been paying membership dues through our new online portal, and do let us know if you encounter any hiccups in that process over the coming months.

In this issue we're excited to spotlight three member companies who amazingly all have similar names. I couldn't help but lean into the comedy of it all, so be sure to check them out below: Carousel Theatre for Young People (Vancouver), Carousel Players (St. Catharines) and Le Carrousel (Montreal).

Congratulations for making it almost a year in this strange new time. Stay tuned for some big digital gathering opportunities next month!

-Dave Deveau, Communications Chair, ASSITEJ Canada

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